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My Grandma Burns always grew a large Elephant Ear bulb in her garden every year.  When she passed, I kept a bulb from her Elephant Ear plant.  It’s multiplied and growing beautifully in the garden.

Sunny Day in SoCal

No garden is complete without some sunflowers in the garden.  Here’s a photo of a volunteer sunflower growing the front flower bed.

Winter turns to Spring

The winter garden vegi’s are ready for harvest.  We are lucky enough in California to have very mild winters and many of last year’s annuals survived through the winter. We had a bumper crop of cabbage, cauliflower, sugar snap peas and onions this year.

Michael was inspired to take some artistic photo’s of water drops beading on the cabbage leaves.  I think these photo’s turned out pretty nice. The photo’s probably turned out really nice because he was well supervised.  😉  

I know that title sounds crazy, but these days it’s really easy to get organic nutrients for hydroponics.  This winter we decided to try a few things in the house and were pleasantly surprised at just how much we could grow under some T5 lights in an home made aerophonics  [ Read More ]

The Zucchini Thief

We had LOTS of Zucchini this year and some of them missed the harvest window and got a bit over-sized.   But we took them off the plant to make sure it would keep producing. We started noticing that varmint was getting hold of them. We were a little bit surprised  [ Read More ]

I thought I would be nice and grow tomatoes for Michael, to store and other uses…  So I planted 3 grape and 3 chocolate cherry tomatoes for Michael, 3 beefsteak tomatoes and 3 Health Kick tomatoes.   I think it goes without saying that we had tomatoes running out our ears,  [ Read More ]

The tomatoes are growing well and we have a giant zucchini plant that is already making more than we can eat.  The old fashioned petunia’s really add a nice touch of color.

Another lovely winter/spring garden.  The California Poppies and Bougainvillaea are in full bloom. You can also see at the far end of the garden I had just finished putting in the last of the gopher barrier.

Mid-Spring Progress

The onions and rest of the winter crops are filling out.  This was a late planting year as I spend the early part of the winter digging out the bed and putting in a gopher barrier.