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Archive for July 18th, 2009

Grandma Burns used to make this bread and it’s a really hearty and rich bread.    It is delicious right out of the oven.  Highly recommended if your into making bread.  This recipe will make 3 large loafs and 1 small loaf. Ingredients 1 cup whole wheat flour 5 cups white  [ Read More ]

Turkey Porcupines Recipe

This is a modified meat ball recipe that mom used to make.  I’m not sure where this one originated. Ingredients 1 lb ground turkey or beef 1 1/2t salt 1/3 cup dry white rice 2 cups chopped canned or cooked fresh tomatoes 1t sugar 1 chopped onion 1/2 chopped bell  [ Read More ]

This is an old family recipe that I have to assume harkens back to my family’s Scottish and British heritage.  This is a hearty dish that very easy to make. Ingredients 1lb ground turkey or beef 1/2 to 1t of salt 1/4t ground oregano 1/4c chopped celery 1/8c chopped bell  [ Read More ]

This is a very rich Broccoli, Rice and Cheese Casserole that is a Southern favorite. Ingredients 1/2c chopped celery 1 small chopped onion butter or margarine 1c rice 2 packages frozen chopped broccoli 1 large jar Cheez-Whiz 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 can cream of chicken soup Directions  [ Read More ]