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Archive for July 18th, 2010

Angel Biscuits Recipe

This is a very light yeast biscuit.  These take a little extra time to make, but they are Oooooo so good. Ingredients 5 cups flour 1/4 cup sugar 1t salt 3t baking powder 1 cup Crisco 2 cups buttermilk 1t soda 1 pack dry yeast Directions Combine flour, sugar, salt  [ Read More ]

This was a modified recipe that we came up with when the summer crop of zucchini hit colossal proportions. This is a great garden pie that will let you put lots of your vegetables to good use.  Feel free to add additional vegi’s to your liking. Crust Ingredients 5 medium  [ Read More ]

This is a traditional Indian Yellow Curry with a nice assortment of vegetables.  This recipe has a great balance of vegetable proteins. Ingredients Cauliflower Green beans Chickpeas Lentils (any type) Onion chopped garlic crushed 1t ground coriander 1t ground cumin seeds 1t ground mustard 1t tumeric 1t ground red chili  [ Read More ]