Rob & MJ's Garden

Our little plot of garden in So Cal – grow and buy local!

Welcome to our Garden Blog…

We grow a very large amount of our own produce and are strong advocates for growing locally. It’s environmentally friendly, fun to be able to eat the fruits of your labor and great to know exactly what is and is not going into your fresh food.    So we decided it would be fun and informative to start getting some photo’s posted along with some information about our techniques for maintaining a highly productive urban garden with a very small footprint.  This blog follows our progress and hopefully will inspire a few others to join in the local food growing revolution!

In July 2012 we left Simi Valley and brought our ranch in Canyon Country, Ca.  We have 6.5 acres and are primarily focus on raising Alpacas, Orchids and then the organic garden.  When we started out we were raising chickens and turkeys, but have scaled the birds back and now just a few chickens for fresh eggs.

Visit Rolling Rock Ranch Alpacas for more information about the pacas.  This site will continue to be focused on organic gardening and the fruits of that ongoing endeavor.


Rob (right) and MJ (left) live in Southern California.   Rob is from East Texas and MJ grew up in Florida.  We met in Florida in 2001 and later moved to SoCal for better job opportunities.  Rob grows orchids, enjoys gardening and sailing.  MJ loves sailing and of course enjoys the harvests from our garden.  We both grew up in rural areas and have an affinity for the outdoors, nature, plants and animals.

Foster and Laela, gardening supervisors and vegetable herders.  Laela has her own boat, but she still loves partaking in the garden harvests always make sure we are doing out job to keep up with any weeds.
“Ok dads, when is the next zucchini harvest?”

Salty Steve, the Pacific Parotlet.  Steve could care less about the garden, despite our attempts get him to eat a healthier diet.
“I’d rather be out sailing, forget the veggies!”

Ellie w Toy 2012

Ellie is the newest addition to our family.  She joined us in Feb 2012 when she was a little over 3 months old.

Ellie & Pumkins 2012