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We like to grow a lot of peppers and I’ve been wanting to try doing something a little different with them, so I decided I wanted to try and make a Jalapeno jelly.  After a little research I decided to make a pepper jelly with Jalapeno and Serrano peppers. I  [ Read More ]

  Aaah yes, it’s that time of year again.  The time when I go out into garden and dig up literally 100+ pounds of onions.  These are grown from two bundles of seed onions.  One bundle of Southern Red and one bundle of 1015 Super Sweet onions. The onions were  [ Read More ]

Great Ball’s of Fire!

Yes, I may look a little silly, but it’s better than crying over chopped onions! The Cole Slaw with Asian Ginger dressing turned out fantastic BTW!

Fried Green Tomatoes

… and the obligatory onion rings being prepped to go in the fryer.

I know, big surprise right!  For good measure there are a few peppers also.  Not running out of those either!

2010 Onion Harvest

The onions from our 2010 crop have been harvested and dried ready for some great cooking!

Vacuum Packed Green Beans

Fresh green beans vacuum packed and ready to be frozen.  We’ve been able to store up lots of fresh produce this way from the garden and have seasonal vegetables all year long.

I thought I would be nice and grow tomatoes for Michael, to store and other uses…  So I planted 3 grape and 3 chocolate cherry tomatoes for Michael, 3 beefsteak tomatoes and 3 Health Kick tomatoes.   I think it goes without saying that we had tomatoes running out our ears,  [ Read More ]

Mmmm, fresh green beans

These are about to go into the steamer.  Gotta love pickin em and eatin em.  Yum Yum! How did those zucchini’s get in there?

The cauliflower was just huge this year.  We’ve really enjoyed the winter crops.